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Phoebe Talks Weaning

Episode 10

Accessories for weaning your baby, episode 10

Episode 10 of "Phoebe talks weaning" podcast. We're talking about bibs, high-chairs and gadgets to make your life a little easier when you start weaning your baby.

In this episode I’ll be sharing the best accessory findings from my three weaning journeys. Less is more and buying the right accessories can make all the difference for you and your baby when you start introducing solid food.

Show Notes

We have no affiliation with any of these brands.

High chair:

Hauck highchair




Suction bowl:


Baby and toddler cutlery:






Weaning comes with more questions than what food to offer first or how to offer it, pureed or finger food. You’ll most likely also wonder how to offer the food, straight off the tray or table (if you follow baby led weaning), on a plate, in a bowl and how on earth are you going to protect all those cute outfits? Here are a few tips to help you.

What highchair is the best?

The safest place to feed your baby is them sitting upright in a highchair, you can support them with pillows if needed and they should be strapped in at all times.

I’m not a big fan of plastic so we went for a wooden highchair that grows with your child. They come in various versions, and various price categories. We opted for the Hauck highchair.

Which bibs are the best for weaning?

I’ve found that three to four good quality bibs are much more useful than ten cheap ones. Bibadoo has fantastic coverall bibs they actually strap around the tray of the highchair so there’s no food landing on your little one’s lap, they come with long sleeves but you can push them up to be out of the way. Bumkins also have great bibs that have a food catcher, are water resistant and they dry really quick. I have three normal bibs and the coverall and it’s plenty. I tend to wipe my bibs clean after each meal and hand wash them in the evening, they are always dry in the morning.

What plates are best for weaning? Plates, bowls & silicone mats

Whether you’re spoon feeding your baby or letting them take the lead, I’ve found that a suction bowl was very useful for a period of time, until they stop grabbing everything and throwing it on the floor!

I used a bamboo one, it’s a great bowl, stuck firmly to our wooden tray of the highchair and we’re still using it three years on. These bowls do take on the food flavour over time, so I’d recommend to use one for savoury and one for sweet.

I also tried a silicone mat with my second daughter but didn’t like it very much as it seemed to give off a funny smell. However, this might have just been the product that I had. I also found that the suction mats are all slightly too big to fit on a highchair tray, and if they’re not stuck down properly there’s no difference to simply using a plate.

We have an array of plastic plates, bowls and cups, all of which I’m really keen for the girls to outgrow! Just type plastic tableware into google and you’ll be hit with overwhelming information on whether it’s actually safe to use or not. My gut feeling says porcelain or a natural material is best, but I simply cannot afford to replace my crockery every six months, so we still use it.

Best cutlery for self feeding

I used rubber or silicone tipped spoons and plastic spoons in the very beginning. Soft tipped spoons were especially useful in the early days, when chewing the spoon was equally as exciting as licking off a bit of yoghurt. From about 15 months onwards we used almost exclusively normal stainless steel spoons. If you buy a set of children’s cutlery, it comes with a rounded fork that has caused both my girls frustration, as it simply doesn’t pick up food and a knife that is only useful to cut playdough, so they are absolutely baby safe! ;) My youngest is using a cutlery set by Doddl, they have two different sizes, a plastic one for the early stage of weaning and a stainless steel one. What sets Doddl cutlery apart from your usual childrens cutlery is the grip, which is short and chunky and makes the plate to mouth journey very easy.

What cups should babies use first?

Free flowing sippy cups are the recommendation from 6 month onwards. With my second I simultaneously introduced a 360 cup and she is now as good as her older sister, drinking out of a normal cup. I also found that the 360 cup was much easier to clean thoroughly.

If you want to go plastic free look at Klean Kanteen, they have some great products. But you can also go for a small open cup straight from the beginning, children learn incredibly fast if you give them the opportunity, you’ll be surprised!

Ways to handle the weaning mess

You don’t need to get a dog to clean up the mess! Showercurtains are the answer, just put one under your baby’s highchair, this is especially useful if you have carpeted floors.

You’ll notice that I’ve shared a lot of product links in this newsletter. I’m in no way affiliated with any of the brands, I’ve just found the products to be really useful.

I hope the tips will make the start of your weaning journey a little easier.

I’m really keen to hear your recommendations, let's share, care and grow together!

*Disclaimer: Please be advised that any information is given as general guidance only. Should you have any concerns over the wellbeing of your child such as intolerances, allergies and weight, or your baby was born prematurely or you are unsure if your baby is ready for solids, it is always best to consult with your Health Visitor or GP.*

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