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Here is our guiding (and incomplete) manifesto of aims and believes

  1. Family always comes first
  2. Minimise the consumption of ultra processed foods
  3. No sugar and salt for under 2 years olds. Life is sweet enough when a tiny baby.
  4. Cooking is fun, creative and everyone can do it!
  5. Plan ahead when you can. You’ll skip some unhealthy meals if you do.
  6. Cooking is the healthiest option than any ready meal. It’s also better for the pocket and the planet.
  7. Food system is a major contributor to climate change. Our diets should consider that and shift. This is also good for health.
  8. Train your taste buds! You’ll be surprised
  9. Less screen time, more quality time with kids.
  10. Privacy is a human right, no small print.
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