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A healthy start

Start your baby’s weaning journey with the healthiest meals on the table.

If baby-led weaning is your approach, we have you covered, otherwise, all recipes can be served at your preferred level of pulpiness.

Every parent and every baby is different, you should follow your own instinct to see what weaning type suits you both best.


Phoebe app, energy balls recipe for baby-led weaning

Healthy but fun

Phoebe app, ice lollies recipe for baby-led weaning

Allergy friendly

Phoebe app, pear and banana blondie recipe for baby-led weaning

What is Phoebe?

Phoebe is an iPhone app with baby recipes on video.

You will love our short and easy to follow videos, featuring babies eating in real-life. They will help you build confidence even if you've never cooked before, and see how babies react to those first bites.

Phoebe is carefully designed and tested with other parents like you to provide the ease-of-use you need. We strive for simple ingredients, most of which you’ll have in your pantry. This version comes with over fifty staple and loved recipes (and more coming weekly) in three main categories: Mains, Snacks and Breakfasts. But you can easily view recipes by recommended age (6, 8, 10 and 12 months old). You can also filter out common allergens like gluten, dairy, nut, shellfish and egg.

Phoebe is exclusively made for iPhone to provide the best experience. It is updated weekly with new content, features and user experience improvements as per your feedback. We’re listening carefully to each one of you in order to create the smoothest experience in introducing nutritious, tasty food to millions of babies.

Prepping fresh meals and knowing what’s inside is always the healthiest option for our babies. We know that time and cooking experience can be limiting. Phoebe wants to make it easy for all mums and dads to take on the challenge of weaning with home cooked meals.

🥦 Let's give our kids the best start in life by introducing tasty and nutritious meals from day one!🥕

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Made by a family

It's not easy to cook healthy when you're a busy parent. We are building the technology to help every parent offer diverse and nutritious meals to children.

Sarah Roesink co-founder of Phoebe app

Hey mum

We all want to do the right thing for our babies, but we often have limited time and resources. Some babies have allergies and issues with starting solids and there are many approaches, traditional and baby-led weaning (BLW).

It can be hard to navigate that and convenience is often taking the lead, not always for the better. I am starting Phoebe to tackle the weaning challenges of thousands of new parents who want to offer a healthy start to solids to their little ones. I believe it can’t work if it isn’t super easy, convenient and accessible to all.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, drop me a line. I am responsible for the weaning advice and recipes on the app, please contact me regarding those.

Sarah Roesink

Drop me a line

Spyros Zevelakis co-founder of Phoebe app

Hey dad

I am glad you’re here! You can tell I am trying to keep up with the frantic situation with kids indoors.

We are starting Phoebe to make an impact in the way children are eating. We saw the huge benefits with our children and we found weaning resources hard to get to in the limiting time we have as working parents. We want to improve that drastically with our new app.

Do drop me a line for app, technical and business related stuff.

Spyros Zevelakis

Drop me a line